VAMLIS Committees

The Executive Council shall establish standard Committees, which shall perform specific duties and responsibilities as defined herein. The President shall appoint a Chair for each Committee, who shall act as the liaison for the Committee to the Executive Council. Each Committee shall develop and follow policies and procedures, which shall be approved by the Executive Council. Each Committee Chair shall submit to the Executive Council for review at its September meeting a list of activities that will be pursued by the Committee in the fiscal year. If required a budget request shall accompany the planned activities reported.

Committees may research and draft positions on pertinent issues. However, all issues that result in taking a position must be forwarded to the Executive Council, which is the sole body that may formally adopt a position on any issue. The following Committees are hereby created:

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for keeping a record of the membership and developing programs necessary to obtain and retain appropriate membership levels. The Committee is responsible for publishing the membership directory.  We are seeking members for this committee.

Education Committee: The Education Committee develops educational policies, programs, and standards. They serve as the central focal point for continuing education and training programs within the Association. The Committee is also charged with administering the State Science Fair award and the Charles E. McNoldy Scholarship award.  We are seeking members for this committee.

Activities Committee: The Activities Committee organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, socials/meetups and other VAMLIS activities.  A current list of committee members can be found here.  We are seeking members for this committee.

Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee informs the membership of legislative initiatives or laws impacting the mapping and land information professions in Virginia. In addition, they develop appropriate programs to convey the legislative desire of the Association to elected and appointed national, state and local officials.  We are seeking members for this committee.

Communications Committee: The Communications Committee serves as a research team to advance the Association's knowledge about the latest developments within the GIS field and to coordinate the dissemination of all member related information, including, but not limited to, publishing the Newsletter and other materials, conducting member surveys and maintaining the design and content of the web page.  A current list of committee members can be found here.  We are seeking members for this committee.

If you would like to join a committie, send an email to VAMLIS
 stating the committee name you wish to be on.