Call for 2019 Executive Board Applications

VAMLIS is seeking applications for each of the following positions: President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (descriptions below). Each application will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee, then the committee will present the list of acceptable candidates to the Executive Board and a vote will be held at the annual Conference. Terms are concurrent with the VAMLIS membership year. A full explanation of the election process can be found in the ByLaws.

This is a great opportunity for driven and passionate individuals to participate in conference planning, support various regional groups, and create new innovative ways to engage the GIS community at large in the state in Virginia!

President Elect – This is a 3-year term. The first year the President Elect will support all aspects of conference planning. The second year they will serve as President. Duties include setting the priorities of the organization, ensuring the board abides by the Bylaws, and will handle official communication. The Past-President will serve as an advisor to the new Executive Board, and other duties as assigned.

Vice President – This is a 1-year term. The Vice-President will support regional coordination efforts, and the organization of the Charles E McNoldy Scholarship Award Fund.

Secretary – This is a 1-year term. This position maintains the roll of membership, will transcribe and maintain Executive Board Meeting Minutes, and assist with general administrative duties.

Treasurer - This is a 1-year term. This position will serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association. As such they will approve expenditures, maintain financial records, develop conference budget, and assist in tax preparations.

Please submit a professional bio, including the position for which you would like to be considered, to by February 22nd.All candidates for consideration must be in good standing with the association and hold a current membership.